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We will have one consultation a week via Skype or Facetime.


The first consultation, which lasts 50 minutes, will allow me to get to know you better, gauge your needs and make a custom food program adapted to your requirements.


The subsequent consultations will each last 25 minutes, during which we will assess the previous week and establish the best meals for the following week.



If you have the slightest question or doubt, I am available for you between every consultation via WhatsApp, email and Facebook. We can adjust the programme if an unexpected temptation arises.


I am thus by your side at all times, and you will no longer be alone during this adventure.










                                      First consultation

                                                       50 minutes:                                                                                 40 pounds  


                                                                                            65 pounds to come to your place 


                                      Subsequent weekly consultations

                                                        25 minutes:                                                                                20 pounds 





* The service also includes a weekly custom-made food program, light recipes, articles on the theme of nutrition and dedicated advice


Possibility to organize Children Birthday: Theme: Japanese for example. Price on demand. 



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